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I am your instructor, Ken Starzer. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this course.

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The shape of things to come

Course Description

Increasingly, jobs require a basic understanding of the core technologies behind the internet. This course will provide you with a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, domain registration, web hosting, JavaScript, server-side scripting, SFTP, and more. We will explore these technologies and work toward designing a functional, user-friendly website.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to meet the following learning outcomes:

  Design Process

Follow the creative web site design process from concept through production.

  Creative Code

Construct web site architecture to organize information and display content effectively.

  Aesthetic Design

Apply visual aesthetics and hierarchy for enhanced web site usability.

  Future Proof

Develop and maintain standards-compliant web sites.

What I Expect of You

  • Attend all classes
  • All assignments need to be completed on time
  • All students need to participate individually and as a contributing member of the class, especially in sharing discoveries with one another

Classroom Conduct

  • Students are to focus their attention on the subjects at hand in the classroom, i.e., lectures, presentations, discussions, and set aside all other activities.
  • All open communication (talking) should be relevant to the subject at hand and have value to the class as a whole.
  • Competitiveness between students will be friendly and encouraging at all times.
  • All other rules of behavior will be discussed and agreed to by the class on the first day

Attendance and Tardy Policy — Attendance is mandatory. Lack of attendance will affect your grade because absences will not only leave holes in understanding of the lesson contents but also degrade the benefit to other students in regard to discussions and work sessions. Coming to class late or leaving early will also be counted as absences without prior approval from the instructor.
Late assignments — Assignments/Midterm Project not turned in on time (7:00pm on the due date) will be docked 15 points. Assignments not turned in by 7:00pm one week after the due date will receive a 0.

Class Materials

I will provide class materials that will be made available to all students registered for this class as they are intended to supplement the learning experience. These materials may be downloaded during the course, however, these materials are for registered students' use only. Classroom materials may not be reproduced or shared with those not in class, or uploaded to other online environments except to implement an approved Office of Student AccessAbility accommodation. Failure to comply with these University requirements is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.


Because this course builds on concepts learned week-to-week, it’s important that you participate individually and collectively to insure that everyone has a successful leaning experience. You’ll be evaluated on:

  • Attendance
  • Participation
  • Assignments, and
  • Quality of work completed from week to week.

Assignments will be discussed throughout the course, with specific requirements spelled out.

Grading Scale

A 91-100 Excellent
B 81-90 Above Average
C 71-80 Average
D 61-70 Poor
F 0-60 Failing

Grading Weights

20% Attendance (15 Classes)
30% Assignments (13)
20% Midterm Project
30% Final Project

Course Outline

Week 1 Course Overview, Intro to HTML: Elements & Structure
Week 2 What the Web is Made of: An Introduction to HTML, CSS, Essential HTML: Document Standards
Week 3 Essential HTML: Tables
Week 4 Essential HTML: Forms. Sitemapping.
Week 5 Essential HTML: Semantic HTML
Week 6 CSS: Syntax and Selectors
Week 7 CSS: Visual Rules
Week 8 CSS: The Box Model
Week 9 CSS: Display and Positioning, Midterm Due
Week 10 CSS: Colors, Typography
Week 11 CSS: Layout With Flexbox
Week 12 CSS: Grid
Week 13 CSS: Transitions
Week 14 CSS: Responsive Design
Week 15 Lab Time
Week 16 Final Project Presentations